Gamma Probe System GMT-100

Intuitive Gamma Probe System with highest sensitivity and automatic quality control

Instrument GMT-100


  • High sensitivity and reaction time for an increased detection probability
  • Exact correlation between displayed count rate and acoustic signal, for a full focus on the examined area 
  • Powered by lithium accumulators (up to 7 h) or by power supply
  • Detailed display of the battery status in percent with charging information 
  • Automatic change between used nuclides 
  • No calibrations necessary, ready for immediate use


  • Ergonomic 7” TFT touchscreen display with white LED background for high contrast
  • Light weight of 3,5 kg for comfortable transportation
  • Antibacterial handle for effective cleaning
  • Special housing design to achieve easy disinfection 
  • Probe holder and cable rewind
  • High quality manufacturing

User Interface

  • Clearly arranged and well-assigned buttons for intuitive operation 
  • Easy-to-understand displayed information 
  • Simple menu navigation using three main pages: Home, Quality Control and Service

Probe P-100S

With the Gamma Probe P-100S, you benefit from the built-in photomultiplier, which increases the sensitivity and amplification of even the weakest marked lymph nodes. This leads to an improved probability of detection in comparison to common probes with photodiodes and semiconductors.

  • Perfect side shielding of 99.97 % for error-free detection of radiation sources
  • Excellent spatial resolution of marked lymph nodes of 12 mm
  • The complete probe is made of biocompatible surgical stainless steel.
  • Ergonomic design with an outer diameter of 15 mm for optimized handling
  • Removable collimators for simplified sterilization
  • Standard 40° collimator, which can be easily exchanged with other collimators (20°, 60°)

GMT-100 Accessoires

Co-57 test source

For quality control we recommend the Co-57 gamma source with a nominal activity of 185 kBq and a diameter of 25mm. A suitable test source holder is already included in the scope of delivery of the GMT-100 system*.

*Manufacturer: Eckert & Ziegler

Intraoperative probe cover

The sterile cover ensures maximum protection for the user, the patient and the probe. With dimensions of 13 x 244 cm, easy handling is guaranteed without compromising the functionality of the probe. 

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